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HP OneView Get Blade System Inventory

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The PowerShell script collects information of BladeSystem resources managed by HP OneView:
  • IP addresses of devices and servers
  • Firmware of various components
  • Serial Number and Part Numbers
  • Servers characteristic
  • Server connections to Interconnect devices
Note: The OneView POSH library does offer some CMDLETs to collect information about firmware and MAC addresses of the connection including Show-HPOVFirmwareReport or Get-HPOVServer -List.
This sample script offers additional details in reporting such as:
  • Firmware of all components in OA like Fan and PowerSupplies
  • Information about network connections like MAC address, WWN and also uplinks to TOR switches


PowerShell script

.\Get-BladeSystemInventory.ps1 -OVApplianceIP -Enclosures "Enclosure1,Enclosure2" -OVApplianceIP -OVAdminName this_user -OVAdminPassword this_password -OneViewModule HPOneView.120


The following files are generated by the script:
  • Enclosure_name-Connections-Month.CSV : List of network/FC connections of servers to VC modules
  • Enclosure_name-FW-Month.CSV : List of Firmware versions for various devices in the enclosure
  • Enclosure_name-IPs-Month.CSV : List of IP addresses of various devices in the enclosure
  • Enclosure_name-Parts-Month.CSV : List of serial number and part numbers of various devices in the enclosure
  • Enclosure_name-Servers-Month.CSV : Servers information CPU, Cores, Memory

Script in Action!

You can import CSV files into Excel or use Out-GridView to view the results

Network Connections

Server Information

IP Addresses

Firmware Versions

Serial Number and Part numbers


Download Script Source

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