Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How-To Enable Auto Rebuild of AppleRAID in Mac OSX 10.x

During installation / configuration of my new Mac Mini (late 2012), particully when I have done configuration of Software Raid (AppleRaid), I have noticed that I did not checked option for rebuld:

so it was no more possible via GUI to change it ...

So like other open minded people (*unix), I have seached for CLI posibility to change it ...

Mac OSX have a good fond of CLI commands, so it was not so hard to find correct combination (normally using Google for hints :) ).

So first check status of RAID:

 MacMini:~ user01$ diskutil appleraid list
AppleRAID sets (1 found)
Name:                 DATA
Unique ID:            F5DC5950-47AD-4BCA-89D2-8DA444012666
Type:                 Mirror
Status:               Online
Size:                 999.9 GB (999860895744 Bytes)
Rebuild:              manual
Device Node:          disk3
#  DevNode   UUID                                  Status     Size
0  disk1s2   2B250BEA-D828-4CC4-8628-77C8AA5174A8  Online     999860895744
1  disk2s2   B1A8B9A9-3D15-4098-9DA8-4EC11EA26F08  Online     999860895744

Then execute following command to change Rebuild:

 MacMini:~ user01$ diskutil appleRAID update AutoRebuild 1 /Volumes/DATA

Keep noticed that you need to specify complete path to RAID volume or you will get error that it is not possible to do change.

AutoRebuild 0 => Disable / Manual Rebuild
AutoRebuild 1 => Enable / Automatic Rebuild

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