Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fedora 19 upgrade to Fedora 20 with FedUp

Common problem that I have encouter in my usage of Linux in last 15 year was upgrade from one to another version of release. For quite time best solution was been provided by Debian, but for other non-deb distributions was quite interesting to do upgrade. It was paint-full and time consuming process.

But after release of Fedora fedup util, situation is quite better. On the begging I have little sceptic when my friend Primoz have told me that there is easy was to do upgrade on Fedora with only one command. Till then, for me only safe was was to make backup of /home folder and to do complete install from scratch. If worked on any distro that I have worked till now (Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, LinuxMint ...).

What is FedUp?

FedUp (FEDora UPgrader) is the name of a new system for upgrading Fedora installs in Fedora 18 and later. It replaces all of the previously recommended upgrade methods (PreUpgrade and DVD) that were been used in previous Fedora releases. Anaconda, the Fedora installer, has no built-in upgrade functionality in Fedora 18 or later. It has been completely delegated to FedUp.
Currently, FedUp is capable of handling upgrades between all still-supported Fedora releases using a network repository or a DVD image as the package source. Upgrades from EOL Fedora releases may work, but are not supported.

Today I have tested this new upgrade tool.

Here are some considerations to be acknowledged, and here are steps to perform upgrade:

0. make backup of /home directory (just to be on the safe side)
1. do full upgrade of Fedora 19 with "yum update" command
2. check if FedUp is version 0.8, as 0.7 makes problems, check this link for more info:
3. check FedUp page for complete procedure (here is only short version):
4. execute command "fedup --network 20" (keep in mind that this is network based upgrade, for ISO based upgrade, check fedup page).

What it download cca 1500 packages (this includes also some aditional repos like RPMFusion, Virtualbox ... etc). It needs about 20 min on HP Folio 9740m i5 1.8 with 4GB ram and 320GB HDD.

5. Reboot PC, and whait for that process to be finished, cca 30 min.
6. You have new Fedora 20 on system :) Enjoy :)

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